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Terms of Use

  1. 'Super Saver', 'Non-refundable' and ‘Not refundable’ rates are nonrefundable or subject to changes or cancellations.
  2. When making your hotel reservation, the cancellation policies for that specific hotel booked will automatically be displayed for your information, if not, the following shall apply.
    General cancellation policies, applicable to most hotels:
    1. Reservations canceled 15 days or more prior to arrival date are subject to a 10% charge of the total amount of your reservation.
    2. Reservations canceled within 14 to 3 days prior to arrival date are subject to a charge of 2 nights.
    3. Reservations canceled within 2 to 0 days prior to arrival date, or in case of no-show, will not be refunded.
  3. Christmas, New Year, Easter, and/or any other holiday:
    1. Reservations canceled within 31 days or more prior to arrival date are subject to a 10% charge of the total amount of your reservation.
    2. Reservations canceled within 30 to 15 days prior arrival date are subject to a charge of 2 nights.
    3. Reservations canceled within 14 to 0 days prior to arrival dater, or in case of no-show, will not be refunded. Similarly, no reimbursements apply for early departures.
  4. Rates shown on the website are only valid the day of quotation. The rates shall apply for their respective charge, only if the desired service is booked, otherwise these rates may vary. A reservation is considered complete when you have a confirmation number and the corresponding charge is applied.
  5. When booking, you authorize us in writing and/or verbally to use your credit card for payment, and confirm that you accept our reservation, payment, cancellation and demarcation of responsibility policies. All reservations are subject to availability at time of processing your request. The availability can not be guaranteed until full payment is received.
  6. To avoid delays, you must print your voucher and present it at the time you request service payment. If you want to change or cancel your reservation, please contact Mexvax.com as soon as possible, stating your reservation number. We suggest you carefully read our CANCELLATION POLICY. Any change of reservation is subject to availability and fee re-quoting. For more information, please contact your assigned Travel Consultant, stating your reservation number.
  7. The amount corresponding to your reservation will be charged immediately to your credit card.
  8. Mexvax.com serves as an intermediary between the client and the provider of goods and services promoted on the website. Mexvax.com makes commercial negotiations within its own standards of quality and service, such as but not limited to, hotel accommodations, ground transportation and other related tourism activities such as tours and excursions, choosing only the most qualified suppliers and with the most prestige on the market. Despite this, Mexvax.com can not assume responsibility for those who purchase services on its website, for acts or omissions of the suppliers hereby announced, under that it has no control over, or legal relationship with, its personnel, equipment, operation or property.
  9. The customer hereby acknowledges that the information listed above has been completed correctly.
  10. The customer authorizes Mexvax.com or the purchased services provider to debit from his/her credit card the amounts as indicated above.
  11. If the above amounts could not be debited from the credit card, the customer agrees to authorize the debit in another credit card of his/her property or to pay by other means as determined by Mexvax.com
  12. By signing this contract the customer agrees to submit it printed, with completed information, along with a copy of his/her ID and a front and back copy of his/her credit card, when requested by Mexvax.com
  13. The client acknowledges and accepts the cancellation and refund rules, and surcharges they may generate.
  14. With the effective collection of those means, Mexvax.com is committed to managing for and on behalf of the client the services mentioned above.
  15. In case of breach of the terms agreed in the form of payment, the customer must acknowledge the foregoing amounts.
  16. In the case of any dispute, interpretation and performance of this Agreement, the parties shall submit exclusively to the Competence, Jurisdiction and Laws of the Courts of Mexico City, Federal District, waiving in this act any other jurisdiction that for any reason they may be entitled to.
  17. The flight part in this package is not refundable or transferable or endorsable.
  18. Depending on the policies of the airline, credits may be applied regardless of the charges for changes.
  19. You may cancel the hotel without affecting the other component(s). The flight part can be changed, but is always subject to the policies of the ticket purchased and/or the airline.
  20. Airline tickets may not be canceled.
  21. Your credit card shall be charged for the amount indicated at the time of booking.
  22. All rates shown on this site are subject to change without notice, and reservations are based on availability.
  23. Package price does not include ground transportation if your itinerary does not mention it. All passengers must travel on same itinerary.
  24. We reserve the right to correct a mistake on any price before the trip. In the event of multiple rules and restrictions, the most restrictive apply.
  25. For purposes of this contract, "ticket” means passenger ticket and baggage check, of which these conditions and notices fall under, "carriage" is equivalent to transportation and the word "carrier" refers to all airlines carrying passengers and their baggage in accordance with this contract, or provide any other service incidental to air transport. The name "Warsaw Convention" means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw on October 12, 1929 and the amendment to the agreement that was agreed at Hague on September 28, 1955, as appropriate; "Montreal Convention" means the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed at Montreal on May 28, 1999.
  26. Transportation under this contract is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability set by the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention, unless the trip is not "International", as defined by those Conventions.
  27. To the extent not in conflict with the foregoing, transportation and other services provided by each carrier are subject to: (1) the provisions contained in this ticket, (II) the applicable fees, (III) the conditions for the transport of Mexvax.com, carrier and other regulations that are an integral part hereof (and that are available to applicants at the carrier offices), except for transportation from one place within the United States of America, or Canada to anywhere outside these countries, in which case the rates applied shall be the ones in effect for them.
  28. The name of carrier may be abbreviated in the ticket, provided the full name and abbreviation are included in rates, the conditions for the transport or the regulations or carrier itineraries. The address of the carrier is the airport of departure shown on the ticket next to the first abbreviation of carrier's name. The agreed stopping places are listed on this ticket or shown in carrier's timetables as scheduled stopping places on the passenger’s itinerary. Transportation provided under this contract by several companies, successively, shall be considered as a single operation.
  29. When a carrier issues a ticket for transportation on the routes of another carrier it does so only as agent of it.
  30. Any exclusion or limitation of liability from the carrier shall apply for the benefit of its agents, employees and representatives, and for any person whose aircraft is used by the carrier for transportation and its agents, employees and representatives.
  31. Baggage checked shall be delivered to bearer of the baggage ticket. In case of damage to baggage on international flights, a written complaint must be submitted to the carrier forthwith after discovery of damage and no later than 7 days of receiving your baggage; in case of delay, the complaint must be filed within the following 21 days of baggage delivery. Please see the rates and conditions for the transport of baggage other than international flights.
  32. This ticket is valid for one year from date of issue unless otherwise specified therein, in the carrier rates, in the carriage conditions or related regulations. The carriage rate under this contract is subject to change before the trip. The carrier may refuse to provide the service if the appropriate fee has not been paid.
  33. The carrier shall make every effort to carry the passenger and baggage with reasonable diligence. The times shown in the timetables or elsewhere are not guaranteed and do not fall under this contract. The carrier may substitute, without prior notice, other carriers or aircrafts and may alter or omit stopping places displayed on the ticket if necessary. Schedules are subject to change without notice. The carrier assumes no responsibility for connections that the passenger may need to make with other airlines.
  34. The passenger shall comply with all government requirements, present exit or entry documents and other documentation necessary at the airport at the time stipulated by the carrier or with enough time to do their paperwork in case a time was not set.
  35. No agent, employee or representative of the carrier has the authority to alter, modify, disclaim or waive compliance with the provisions of this contract.
  37. Mexvax.com declares that:
    1. The photos displayed on its website are representative only and do not guarantee that upon arrival, everything is exactly as described herein;
    2. Star rating assigned to the hotels and services is based on interpretation of Mexvax.com and may differ from the categories reported elsewhere;
    3. Descriptions of travel services are updated by Mexvax.com to its best knowledge, but do not guarantee that everything will be exactly the same upon arrival;
    4. Mexvax.com reserves the right to refuse any customer at any time;
    5. Any claim or written notice against Mexvax.com must be received no later than fourteen (14) days after the return from your trip.
  38. Mexvax.com does not assume liability for any claims, costs or expenses arising from personal injury or from third parties, accidents or death, loss or damage of personal property, loss of enjoyment, anger, disappointment, distress or frustration, whether mental or physical, resulting from what is mentioned below:
    1. Acts or omissions from any person other than Mexvax.com or its employees;
    2. Illness, theft, labor disputes, mechanical breakdowns, quarantine, government actions, weather or any other cause beyond the direct control of Mexvax.com;
    3. The client's failure to obtain the required travel documentation such as, but not limited to passports, visas and certificates, in which case you are not entitled to any refund.
    4. The client's failure to follow instructions including, but not limited to airport departure times, time and date of hotel entry and exit, coupon redemption policies;
    5. Cancellation or change for any reason of the travel services offered. We reserve the right to cancel or change travel services at our discretion, but shall try to substitute them with comparable services. If we have to completely cancel your reservation, Mexvax.com responsibility shall be limited to refunding all money paid to Mexvax.com;
    6. A full refund shall not be honored in situations where the trip is to be canceled, interrupted and/or postponed by Mexvax.com for reasons beyond their control (force majeure, such as but not limited to weather, hurricane, earthquake, terrorism, etc.) and where Mexvax.com contractual obligations with its suppliers do not allow a full refund of the amount paid or to be paid to the provider by the client. In any case, at Mexvax.com discretion, 30% of the total amount paid for the reservation may be withheld as administrative expense.
  39. Notwithstanding the close communication established by Mexvax.com with providers advertised here, the possibility exists that the effect of some prices may have expired or comes from information erroneously provided by those providers with which our database is fed. Despite this, Mexvax.com checks the rates that apply to each reservation. If the correct price is less than the amount quoted, Mexvax.com applies the lesser amount. If the correct price is higher than the amount quoted, Mexvax.com shall promptly contact you, inform you the right amount or record the reservation’s cancellation upon request for disagreeing on the price increase, explicitly relieving Mexvax.com and its suppliers from any liability or pay compensation for the inconvenience caused by such cancellation.
  40. Mexvax.com expressly declares that it acts as exclusive intermediary in the reservation or hiring of tourist services.
  41. Mexvax.com is not responsible for the events that occur by accident or force majeure, weather phenomena or acts of nature that occur before or during the development of services that prevent, delay or in any way hinder the execution of all or part of the contracted services.
  42. Mexvax.com is not responsible for schedule changes, postponements and/or cancellations, amenities, equipment used or any modification made by transportation companies.
  43. In no event Mexvax.com shall be liable with passengers for consequential damages or lost profits claimed by them as long as Mexvax.com officers, employees or officials not have taken part in them.
  44. Mexvax.com is not responsible for the failure to deliver the General Conditions of the Travel Services Contract relevant to other companies involved in the procurement chain if this is not properly demanded in writing by the passenger.
  45. The estimated price at the time of service request is subject to availability and may change without notice. When there is a change on them and/or changes in costs and/or on the exchange rate used for reasons not attributable to the parties, Mexvax.com shall not be liable for the resulting higher costs.
  46. All amounts paid prior to service confirmation are received by way of reservation.
  47. The price balance shall be paid within the time and conditions the parties agree to, otherwise, Mexvax.com may cancel the services prior notice to the passenger, and the passenger shall have no right to a refund.
  48. Prices include all those services explicitly detailed in the travel documents. Among them, 1) Transportation, as specified in the ticket or electronic ticket itinerary or voucher in case of non-scheduled flights or charter flights, 2) Car rental and insurance, accommodation and taxes, room type, meal plan, number of passengers, type of extra meals, excursions, transfers, show tickets, etc. as detailed in the respective vouchers. It should be noted that the estimate for accommodation shall be governed by the check-in and check-out times of each establishment, while the estimate of days for car rental is for 24 hours.
    1. Services or items not included in prices: The following is not included in the base price of contracted services:
    2. Anything not adequately detailed in the voucher, which involves an additional cost to the paid amount upon receipt of the voucher.
    3. Extras, drinks, personal expenses (including laundry and ironing, communications, tips, etc.), visas, departure or airport tax, service tax, VAT and other current and/or future taxes and/or any services or expenses not expressly stated in the voucher.
    4. The supplements of a car rental, such as ski carrier, child seat, additional driver, expenses for gasoline, optional insurance, etc.
    5. Expenses for extension of services desired by the passengers, also additional stays, meals and/or expenses and/or damages resulting from cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of vehicles or for unforeseen reasons beyond Mexvax.com control and/or that arise from force majeure or that are beyond the control of Mexvax.com.
    6. The charges and interest on credit transactions.
  49. Restrictions on right to stay: Mexvax.com reserves the right for any passenger to abandon a Travel Plan and/or Tour at any point if their behavior, actions, health, or other serious reason, at Mexvax.com discretion, cause danger or inconvenience to other passengers or spoil the success of the tour or the normal development of the same, or may cause harm to others.
  50. Documentation: For foreign travel it’s necessary to meet the current legislation in each case. Is your responsibility to know the requirements demanded by immigration, customs and health authorities of destinations, being the sole responsibility of the passenger to have the personal documentation required by the authorities concerned. Mexvax.com is not responsible for disadvantages suffered by passengers who lack the documents necessary either leaving or entering this or any other country. Please note that is the passenger’s sole responsibility to obtain the visa required to visit any countries, as well as submitting the necessary documents for entry into the destination countries. The passenger acknowledges that he/she was informed that the air, sea or land carrier is responsible for his/her transportation to the destination country, and that the carrier is solely responsible in case the entry into these countries be prevented or delayed for the passenger for not having the documentation in order.
  51. In the event of passenger cancellation of services contracted by Mexvax.com from third parties, cancellations are subject to the contractual conditions under which the latter provide their services. In all refund cases, the agency may withhold the money for expenses incurred plus a ten percent fee for the services contracted from third parties.
  52. Mexvax.com is not responsible for services not taken by the passenger in a timely manner agreed upon, or for the consequences arising therefrom, such as termination of service by the provider or for the reimbursement, refund or return of the fee amount for that service.
  53. In case of the return of tickets, the passengers upon request shall accept the conditions imposed by the airline regulations in relation to this procedure.
  54. The delay or advance of the dates specified in each case shall be in accordance with the terms, conditions and availability of the different service providers, the appropriate penalty shall be applied and paid by the provider plus a 10% commission by way of modifications and, where applicable, the rate differences due to change of season, if applicable. Mexvax.com is exempted from liability for failure to meet the changes requested by the passenger, applying the provisions of the preceding clause ("CANCELLATIONS").
  55. Claims - Refunds:
    1. Must be submitted within 15 days of completion of the trip, in writing, accompanied by receipts and supporting documentation and signed by the passenger. After this period no claim shall be addressed. In no case Mexvax.com shall bear the eventual costs and/or charges and/or taxes and/or encumbrances related to bank transfers or similar used for any type of return and/or reimbursement and/or refund.
    2. In the case of scheduled flight services, conditions are imposed by the carriers with whom the passenger must deal directly with and claim if any inconveniences or damages were suffered as a result of the trip. Mexvax.com has no control over these conditions and provides all support in their power to carry them out.
  56. Baggage: Mexvax.com is not responsible for the deterioration and/or lost and/or theft and/or robbery and/or misplacement of baggage and personal belongings of passengers for services contracted through the intermediation of Mexvax.com or taken individually by the passenger. It is recommended to hire passenger travel insurance to cover some of these risks.
  57. Client acceptance: These terms, along with other documentation delivered to passengers, make the Travel Contract. These are delivered by Mexvax.com to the passenger at the time of service booking. The passenger acknowledges and accepts these general conditions of contract and such acceptance is ratified through any of the following acts: 1) Payment of the reservation and/or contracted services before the start of the trip by any form or mode 2) The acceptance of the bill for contracted services 3) By using any portion of the contracted services. Any advice provided by Mexvax.com regarding any aspect of the contracted services is not a requirement to be met by the client, except as documented by law or in writing regarding any rules of the countries of destination; its content shall be indicated in each specific case.
  58. Arbitration clause: In the event of any controversy, interpretation and compliance of this Agreement, the parties shall submit exclusively to the Competence, Jurisdiction and Laws of the Courts of Mexico City, Federal District, waiving in this act any other jurisdiction that for any reason they may be entitled to.
  59. Rule implementation: This contract, and the provision of services, shall be governed exclusively by these terms.
  60. Any changes or cancellations shall be subject to administrative charges according to hotel policy. By hiring this hotel you must understand and accept the same, as indicated by the hotel.
  61. The deadlines for cancellation apply according to the schedule in force in the country of destination. Taxes: Some countries and regions require hotels to collect some kind of 'tourist tax'. These fees are not included in the price and must be paid directly at the hotel. Fees required: In some destinations the hotels establish fees required for some services, whether the client uses them or not. This type of charge is not included in the rates borne by the customer.
  62. We recommend that all requests for cancellation be informed in writing through e-mail to Mexvax.com, stating your reservation number.


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