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What is it?

A rewards program that allows you to earn Mexvax.com points for every purchase, which can be redeemed for hotel nights and discounts in Mexvax.com

How can these be obtained?

For every purchase you make in Mexvax.com you obtain 20% in Mexvax.com Points and up to 40% in special promotions.

How to use my points?

Redeem your points for hotel nights or discounts by calling our call center toll free number 1 866 204 36 16

Terms and conditions:

The participant accepts and agrees with all terms and conditions of the Mexvax.com Points Program below, which may be changed periodically. It’s the participant's responsibility to know the Mexvax Points Program terms and conditions, and to keep track of their Mexvax Points balance and upcoming expirations.

The Mexvax.com Points Program is offered at Mexvax.com discretion; therefore, Mexvax.com exclusively reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the program temporarily or permanently at any time prior to notifying the Participants of the modifications through the Mexvax Points Program portal itself.

The cancellation, modification or suspension of Mexvax.com Points Program may result in a change in the cumulative score, and even some kind of penalty, and a change in the available redemption conditions of Mexvax.com Points.
In the event of fraud or abuse of Program privileges or violation of Program rules (including any attempt to unduly sell, exchange or transfer Mexvax Points, miles or any exchangeable media for rewards), Mexvax.com reserves the right to cancel the Participant's participation in Mexvax Points Program.
Mexvax.com is not responsible for errors or omissions when the information provided by the Participant is not accurate or correct.
In case of any doubt about the interpretation or enforcement of the Terms and Conditions of the Program, the courts in Chihuahua, Chihuahua shall have jurisdiction.
Mexvax.com has chosen certain suppliers, subcontractors, or agents who provide services to Mexvax.com and its customers relating to the Program (hereinafter "Vendors").
It is up to Mexvax.com to end the Mexvax Points Program. By accepting and using the rewards of the same, the Participant releases Mexvax.com, Mexvax Points Program administrators, Vendors and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, officials, directors, successors, from any claim, damage or liability.
The Participant is responsible for any tax concept assigned to him/her and which may be incurred by participating in the Mexvax.com Points Program or as a result of the accumulated and/or redeemed Mexvax.com Points. Vendors of travel services are not Mexvax.com agents, employees, contractors, subcontractors; in the event they deny the Participant any of the Mexvax.com Points Program benefits he/she is entitled, Mexvax.com responsibility shall be limited to the Mexvax.com Points accumulated in the Mexvax.com Points Program by the Participant. Mexvax.com shall not be responsible if any correspondence of the Participant is delayed or lost by the postal service.
In case of default by any seller of goods or services that constitute the rewards under the Mexvax Points Program, neither Mexvax.com nor any of the other Vendors shall be responsible for it.
All clarifications regarding the accumulation and conversion of Mexvax.com Points into benefits shall be resolved by Mexvax.com, the Participant shall file the request for clarification to Mexvax.com with the understanding that it must be submitted within 90 (ninety) days from the date of purchase. Mexvax.com may deduct Mexvax.com Points wrongly accredited to a Participant registered in the Mexvax Points Program.
Mexvax.com Points accredited in the Mexvax.com Points Program may be transferred between accounts of the same owner, and may not be transferred to a third party.
Once the Participant has agreed through the web page containing the Terms and Conditions of the Mexvax Points Program, accepts that he/she may receive emails with notifications and/or promotions related to the Mexvax Points Program, on the assumption that if in the future the Participant requires to amend his/her decision, he/she may carry out the change by checking the appropriate sub-section in the profile update section.
The Participant agrees that any abuse of the Mexvax Points Program, or benefits thereof, can have legal implications and therefore Mexvax.com may cancel his/her participation in the Mexvax Points Program. Similarly, in case of fraud or abuse of Mexvax Points Program privileges or violation of Mexvax Points Program rules (including any attempt to unduly sell, exchange or transfer kilometers, Mexvax.com Points or exchangeable media for rewards), Mexvax.com reserves the right to cancel participation in the Mexvax Points Program.

Accumulation of Mexvax Points:

Once enrolled in the Mexvax Points Program, the Participant shall accumulate 1 (one) point for every 10 (ten) pesos, legal currency of the United Mexican States, spent in net purchases. In addition, the Participant may obtain additional Mexvax.com Points by level of expenditure, by type of expenditure and on special occasions. Mexvax.com Points accumulated are not transferable, have no cash equivalent value and shall under no circumstance be redeemed for cash or be used to represent any obligation to Mexvax.com. No refunds shall be issued for cash and no partial rewards shall be issued for incomplete scores. Mexvax Points, rewards and certificates have no more than the agreed value in the Terms and Conditions of the Mexvax.com Points Program and suppliers. Point effectiveness: If not used, Mexvax.com Points expire two years after the month on which Mexvax.com Points were generated. The redeemed and/or expired Mexvax.com Points, as applicable, shall be governed based on a first-in and first out process. Point redemption: To redeem Mexvax Points for rewards, Participants must call Mexvax Call Center at (614) 4 26 77 44 or 01 800 8 30 51 01; office hours at the Call Center are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 21:00 hrs. and Saturdays from 9:00 to 16:00 hrs. Mexico Central Time. Mexvax.com Points may only be redeemed by the account holder. Once Mexvax.com Points have been deducted from the account, they shall no longer be re-credited. Rewards: Hotel nights or any other service that Mexvax.com offers. All travel rewards are subject to availability and certain restrictions may apply. All bookings are subject to availability and conditions established by the provider. The Participant is responsible for paying any additional charges that may be generated, such as fees for excess baggage, or any other charges or taxes determined by the competent authorities, or that may be a result of the goods or services constraints where the redemption is to be made.
The Participant may obtain a travel related prize redeeming the exact number of Mexvax.com Points required. The number of Mexvax.com Points required for different travel awards depends on the specific destination and travel time. The number of Mexvax.com Points required and the final amount of money (if applicable) shall be informed to the Participant at the time of booking the tickets or travel package. The hotel, travel package, flight, car or tour providers are independent and are not agents or employees of Mexvax.com, or of any Provider, or any of its affiliates. By using the services of these providers, the Participant agrees that neither Mexvax.com or the Providers, nor its affiliates, subsidiaries or agents shall be liable for any accident, loss, injury or damage suffered by any of his/her companions during their stay, transportation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any event or condition beyond the control of the former, among which they include but are not limited to: equipment failures, strikes, thefts, cancellations, itinerary changes, etc. In the event that the Participant requires making any change or cancellation on his/her trip, he/she shall be subject to the terms and conditions notified at the time of booking.
The stays shall be for 1 or more consecutive nights depending on the selected reward.

The selection of hotel facilities shall be limited to participating hotels.

The reward shall be valid for any night of the week.

The booking must be made in advance and is subject to room availability.

The costs incurred by the Participant at the hotel will be charged to his/her credit card.

This redemption shall only cover the value of the night's accommodation.


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